Om Sabor!

Om Sabor

Cosmic Vegan Vibrations with Flavors from the Universe!

Om sabor is the new face of The Vegetarian Blog that caters vegan Mexican/Indian fusion for food and music festivals. We really try to focus on buying local, seasonal, organic produce to cater these festivals thus building relationships with small business owners and farmers from Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. Currently we’ve catered: Vegan Beer Food & Music Festival in Portland and LA (now known as EAT DRINK VEGAN), Tequila and Taco Music Festival in Santa Cruz, Bliss Camp in Mendocino, and World Veg Fest in San Francisco for the past 3 years. Every year gets more exciting and we really hope to keep expanding to more festivals this 2017 and hope to serve you an explosion of exquisite flavors full of cosmic vibrations.

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