Om Sabor!

Om Sabor

Vegan vibrations with flavors from the universe!

Dear Readers, it is my ultimate joy to share with you all The Vegetarian Blog’s new face for food festivals, catering, events and hopefully soon…pop ups. Ever since I started doing food festivals a few years ago, I had the face of The Vegetarian Blog and it was throwing off people whether our booth was a sign up blogging type or a food booth.  I was in search for an inspirational name for the past couple years but nothing felt too solid. After working at Dropbox HQ as a vegan chef, it defined my cooking as a fusion of Mexican and South Asian cuisine. I included 2 words in my new logo that are in Sanskrit and Spanish to showcase my essence of growing up in both cultures from India and Mexico. 

The Om symbol (the one that looks like a 3) is widely known in the yoga community as the sound/vibration symbol, and it’s been used in India for thousands of years to invoke God, angels, mantras, or positive consciousness meditation, (we could go on for days of the meaning of Om). Sabor is a spanish word meaning flavors. Together: Om Sabor is all positive vegan food vibrations with flavors from the universe!! I’m so excited about this new logo and I am on a mission to showcase how delicious, rich and beautiful vegan food can be from the fusion of cultural cuisines. I hope to get your blessings and support on this new challenging journey and have the opportunity to serve you an exquisite dish at an upcoming event!

Muchas Gracias and Happy Holidays!
Dhanistha Rivera :)

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