The Vegetarian Blog is a place for people who like to explore and enjoy vegetarian, vegan & gluten free foods from different cultures that are seasonal, delicious and nutritious!

Hi my name is Dhanistha Rivera and I am a vegan & vegetarian chef and blogger in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I’m currently working at Greens Restaurant at Fort Mason and at the Vegan Butcher’s Son in Berkley. I focus mainly on vegan cuisine but also cook vegetarian fare for catering, friends and family. My thing is seasonal garden fresh!!! Yes Farm to Table!!! You obtain the maximum flavor and benefits of their natural harvest if you pick them local and seasonal. My culinary background is in Mexican, north Indian and Bengali, Vietnamese, Italian, and Thai cuisine. Growing up, living and traveling in Mexico, South America, and South Asia, and has really expanded my culinary fare and pushed me to experiment with regional roots, weird vegetables and fruits, exotic spices, and herbs.

When I was a teenager my family moved to Mexico to my grandfather’s vacant ranch and with lots of hard work, we all built our house, vegetable farm and orchards. We learned to plant our food from seeds, nourish them to plants and trees, harvest and store them. It was an amazing beautiful life experience! And that was my first connection with farm to table. If you have any pots lying around or growing space, I highly recommend to grow your own veggies, it’s freaking great therapy, and the benefits of eating your own garden fresh are above and beyond!

I hope you enjoy my inventive (some traditional) recipes along with the pictures I photograph! If have any questions, comments or you wish to use any of my work please contact me for further collaboration, I’d love to hear your opinion!

Vegetarianly Yours,
Dhanistha Rivera

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Pauli and Marsha

    Beautifully designed site, Dhani!! Can’t wait to try the coconut curry recipe, but i won’t mind if it gets spiced up a little!

  2. Jivana

    It’s exciting to hear about the cook – history and where the inspiration for cooking comes from. And this blog is beautifully designed – the vege circle upfront, the photos, and font. Very thoughtful and elegant.

    1. Dhanistha R. Post author

      You are soo sweet Jiv! I love your comments they are always so enlivening! Thank you so much for your support! xoxo


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